Crowded Skies

So here’s one of those flying myths that needs to be dealt with. The myth is that it is crowded out there in the skies. Well it depends on which skies. It certainly seems crowded in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and other large airports, especially during rush hour (The Push in aviation lingo). When everybody wants to be in the same place at the same time a long line of aircraft piles up. But most of the time it really isn’t very crowded. Flying across the US you will see a few planes but in some places (the midwest) and at some times (backside of the clock) it can be rather lonely.

Often you will hear a pilot broadcast in the blind to see if the controller is still there because it’s been so long since anyone said anything. Pilots will say “Is anyone there?” and the controller will answer that indeed someone is minding the store.

It is amazing how many planes are flying every day in the US. Aviation is a great industry that has done huge things for the growth of this country. Often corporate aviation gets attacked as if it is merely some plaything for fat cats. Some of that occurs but mostly it’s a business tool gemmy blown inflatable.

So there is room for a lot more flying. And there is no better way than to fly with a private company. So… check out using AirStat for your business or pleasure trip.

The skies are fine! Come on in!

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