Staniel Cay Landing

I wrote about Staniel Cay earlier in my blog. It’s a wonderful place to visit. Its short runway doesn’t allow the big jets to land so its light jets, turboprops, and pistons. They have daily flights operating with I guess the world’s only outdoor passenger boarding area, which is a wooden platform. I don’t miss the absence of security. Everything is close by and there are some wonderful houses being built, especially on the ridge just east of the runway.

This video is about two minutes long and with the GoPro HD2 mounted on the glareshield it gives a great pilot’s perspective of the approach and landing.

We flew by the airport to have a visual check of the condition since it is a short runway and our first time there. The pattern we use in visual conditions is rectangular. So after flying by, we did a downwind leg, a base leg, and then the final approach. The video is shortened for interest’s sake. Also I found some nice dramatic music to go with it. Almost expected to see a pirate ship appear in the harbor with the effect the music creates! I should pipe this stuff into the airplane when we fly. Very relaxing.

On final you can see three little islands on the right side. This is where the Thunderball Grotto mentioned in the earlier post is located.  Enjoy!

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