Sitting Down on the Job

Just happened to see this guy working on the powerlines recently.

He was sitting down on the job. Kind of hard to tell from this angle I guess, so here’s another shot.

I guess I would be sitting down on this job too! I might actually lie down on the job if I had a big head chopper spinning over my desk!

There is a lot of concentrating going on here. First, hovering isn’t the easiest part of flying a helicopter, so the pilot is pretty busy. And trying to work while your “office” keeps moving has to be interesting to say the least. It looks like it might be very much like working in space as an astronaut.

Another point is that there are a lot of interesting jobs in aviation other than just airlines. There’s charter of course! And then there is firefighting, police work, power and gas line patrolling, newsgathering, and much more. It’s a great career choice. Of course, there are airline and commuter jobs, corporate positions, and the military too.

I guess cool comes in a lot of different flavors!


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