New York City

If you fly you will eventually, and probably repeatedly, fly to New York. Some pilots love it, some hate it. It can be challenging because NYC is a hugely, excuse me YUGELY,  busy place with lots of traffic. Plus lots of airports in a small area. JFK,LGA,TEB,HPN,MMU and EWR are all within  a few miles of each other.

This is some compact airspace filled with helicopters, private general aviation planes, business jets, airlines, and military aircraft. It most nearly resembles a large bottle of flies. Maybe lightning bugs in a jar with the blinking position lights.  NYC controllers are some fast talking folks who manage to keep it all together… or apart actually. If you happen to be from a certain slow talking region of the country you better get with the program. There isn’t a lot of time for jawing on the radio and asking them to repeat the instructions. When the weather is down, the challenges increase. Pilots have to know their stuff if they are going to have a good trip into and out of this crowded place. But it is a credit to the system we have in this country. It may be a little rundown in places but as the saying goes, they push a lot of tin through the skies.

The most popular airport for private aircraft seeking to get to the city is KTEB, Teterboro, NJ. From there it’s a 30 minute limo or cab ride into the city. Or you can spend the big bucks and have a chopper pick you up. And then, the town is yours! Over the years I have seen some interesting and fun stuff, eaten at some good restaurants and generally had a good time.

Here’s some random shots from around town. 

Lady Liberty, the Rockefeller Center, and the Freedom Tower.

Also the new PATH station at the World Trade Center and a lamp in Central Park.

Maybe I will post some more at another time. But I hope you enjoyed!

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