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Jet Set

AirStat, Inc. is very pleased to announce that we have added jet operations to our company. We now are officially flying a Cessna Citation V which is available for charter. The Citation V is part of the highly successful and … Continue reading

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New York City

If you fly you will eventually, and probably repeatedly, fly to New York. Some pilots love it, some hate it. It can be challenging because NYC is a hugely, excuse me YUGELY, ┬ábusy place with lots of traffic. Plus lots … Continue reading

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Mid Latitude Malaise

Do you find yourself wishing you were on a remote island, sitting on the beach, toes in sand, surrounded by blue water, palm trees swaying over your head, trying to decide if you should go swimming or just take a … Continue reading

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Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay is part of the Exumas chain of the Bahamas. The short 3000 foot runway is no problem for the King Air even loaded with passengers and baggage. Since Customs is not on the island a stop in Nassau … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

Well, May marks the 5th anniversary of the founding of AirStat, Inc. So, Happy Birthday to us! It was just an idea that we might be able to start a company and offer first class service in the light aircraft … Continue reading

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Large Times in Small Towns

Flying takes you to many places. Big cities, small towns, the middle of nowhere. It’s fun to roam around and investigate the nooks and crannies of the country. When you have time to kill a bookstore/coffee shop combination can’t be … Continue reading

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Funding Fathers

Flew to Williamsburg, Virginia area recently and toured the historic sites of Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown. Overall, my impressions are: 1. It’s a good thing the Rockefellers weren’t paying a lot of taxes back in the 1930s, because they ended … Continue reading

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